100 Newtown Rd Groton, CT (Groton Library parking lot)

Questions? 860-961-9321 or mysticpiedance@gmail.com 

The Mystic Contra Dance

The Pie Dance

We're meeting online for now
2020 Pie Dances
  4th Saturdays

  • Callers, band members, and you! Although we can't dance due to Coronavirus and social distancing, we're gathering virtually on 4th Saturdays to enjoy each other's company
  • Bring your own pie! There will be time to enjoy it...
  • email [email protected] to get on our mailing list! Like us on FaceBook!

Free to join till we're back in person! 

Tip jars may be available to help support the musicians...

when we're back:

Admission $10, Students $7, Families $25

  • first-time dancers receive a half-off coupon for their next dance!
  • A Pie Pass gives you 6 months admission plus free pie for $60! 

and for more contra dances in the area, check out http://biteyourownelbow.com/conntras/   or http://www.contradancelinks.com/