100 Newtown Rd Groton, CT (Groton Library parking lot)

Questions? 860-961-9321 or mysticpiedance@gmail.com 

The Mystic Contra Dance

The Pie Dance

Our August dance is cancelled--we're watching things closely, and hoping to restart soon.
Fourth Saturdays 8-11 p.m. 
Basic moves workshop 7:45 

  • We had a joyous dance in July, but sadly, COVID restrictions in CT have come back due to the Delta variant. 
  • Like us on FaceBook -- Email [email protected] to get on our email list! 

Admission $10, Students $7, Families $25

  • first-time dancers receive a half-off coupon for their next dance!
  • A Pie Pass gives you 6 months admission plus free pie for $60! 

and for more contra dances in the area, check out http://biteyourownelbow.com/conntras/   or http://www.contradancelinks.com/